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  • Avoin kirje maahanmuuttjille

My Dear Fellow Immigrants living here in Finland.


As you might have heard, our President Mr. Sauli Niinistö wants us to talk to each other and consult each other on matters concerning how to best live in our new home country of Finland. He doesn’t think that we, The Immigrant Community, are doing good enough a job keeping a check on each and every one of our tens of thousands of members all over the country.

As you know, we face many challenges here. And yes, some of our fellow immigrants do break the law (a peculiar thing small percentage of people everywhere tend to do, no matter what the colour of their skin, nationality of their passport or country of residence), but even though we know somebody else’s wrongdoings are not our fault, our esteemed president seems to think so.

(I’m sure he, too, is busy sitting down with his fellow citizens as part of his magical community, helping to put an end to his community’s widespread crime rates, right?)

As you also know, we are all lumped together and perceived the same, since we are joined together by the eternal stamp of “an immigrant”. A stamp which doesn’t wash off no matter how long we’ve lived in this country, how many jobs we’ve had or created and how much we’ve paid taxes into the system that still seems to refuse to acknowledge us as part of it. As An Immigrant we are also lumped together with the refugees and many think that’s the root reason for the changing, diverse face of Finland.

(For those of you who do: it is not. Humanitarian migration; that’s refugees for you, has traditionally only accounted for approximately 10% annual immigration. The remaining 90%? People coming here to study, specialists coming here to work, children being adopted from abroad and, most importantly, foreign spouses Finnish people have chosen to marry.)

Having said that, my Fellow Immigrant Person, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that it is indeed our duty to take care of our home and its people. Our home deserves to be kept safe for us all, by us all. In order to make that happen we need to work with each other. Not only to avoid playing straight into the hands of those who are constantly on the lookout for yet another excuse to point out how we shouldn’t be here to begin with. But because it is the decent thing to do.

But for you, Mr. President, so safely huddled up in that bubble of yours, I have a little something to say, too.

Our actions or inactions do not just affect the Immigrant Community, it affects every community. Crime and violence are not good for anybody. The community that you are asking us to help keep safe is not Immigrant Community. It is the community at large; the whole of Finland. And yes, Mr. President and My Fellow Immigrants, it is what we need to do.

But not because we’re part of An Immigrant Community, but because we’re part of The Finnish Community. And a safer Finland is a safer Finland for all.


Yours, truly



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